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About Us

Built in 1790, the building now known as the Rose & Crown Guesthouse has had many incarnations, but always with a sense of family and fun at heart. Originally a family residence, it would eventually go on to be home to the Grace family in the early twentieth century before becoming Provincetown’s Hobby Shop in the 1930’s.


After this period it was home to abstract painter Fritz Pfeiffer who is credited as having helped the Art Association survive its hardest period during World War I. In the 1970’s the building became known as The Owl’s Nest, and not too long afterward was officially first named The Rose & Crown under owner Preston Babbitt, Jr. Eventually passed on to his daughter, the area that is now the front patio was at that time a large-scale collection of Barbie Dolls, other figurines, fountains as well as many pieces of décor for passersby to marvel at, take photographs and even give donations that would then be given to local charities.


From the time it was given the title it has today, the property boasted some well-known guests including the likes of multi-talented poet/performer Noel Coward as well as stage/television personas Weiland Flowers and Madam. Its latest incarnation as purchased in 1998 can be easily spotted from Commercial Street with the ship’s figurehead, Jane Elizabeth, affixed to the front of the house and serves as year-round lodgings for visitors to Provincetown as well as off-season tenant rentals.

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